Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Wow! What a wild month it has been creating and preparing for the wonderful 1-day ART+TEA event at our Artfarm last Saturday.
With an amazing group of co-creators the ARTFARM was transformed into an eclectic mix of many things. Follow below and re-experience the day the way it looked from many different eyes.
We decided to create cups that would serve as tickets. And because we were sure ART+TEA would be a huge success we made lots...

The corners of the farm were cleaned up and the studio polished for the day. We erected two tipis and set them up as Morroccan and Japanese teahouses.

Millie, Chris and Angela were the belly dancers for the day. Their artful performances brought a new and wonderful experience to the ARTFARM.

Most of the studio was emptied. The tea bar was at one end and Margit shared the studio space with four other artists - Cory Judge from Shi Studio Design, Sharon A. Stone, Angela McDiarmid, and Rob Gentleman from Green Earth Woodworks.
The weather cooperated beautifully. We served lots of tea, baklava and sticky rice goodies -

The lower one acre field was transformed into a labyrinth with the creative help of Sharon Jackson. Here are some pics and to find out more about labyrinths visit

Many more pictures capturing magical moments of the day will be shared as they come to us.

Thank you to all who were part of this wonderful day.