Friday, June 26, 2009

the sizzle and the steak

there is a saying in advertising that 'you dont sell the steak ... you sell the sizzle'. margit commented the other day that she thought the blog seemed a bit 'ladida' and that we were not telling the whole story of what goes on on the farm. missing was how the work gets done. so... here is some of the steak that get things done around here.

most everything else gets done by hand. the days have been long, tiring adn yet very satisfying. we have planted four varieties of potatoes including fingerlings which are small lovely potatoes. pictured here are the sweet potatoes we are excited about growing. we are planting them with black poly mulch to keep the heat in and weeds out. we have six northern varieties that still require 90 days of good heat units.

this is fred.

fred is a 1967 ford pick up that helps us with work on the farm. fencing, haying, manure and much more happens with fred.

so thats part of the story adn of course there will be more to come.

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