Thursday, July 2, 2009

meaning of vision

the next five days, from today thursday through monday, we will be part of and hosting the annual cowichan valley visions studio art tour.

for the past three years now we have had the fun of having several hundred people come to the farm and experience margit's ceramic art and the the natural surroundings.

this time means there are many firings in the kilns happening, the farm gets a little gussied up and have the great anticipation of meeting new people and welcoming back many friends/artfarmers.

we will not be at the duncan farmer's market this saturday so come and see us on the farm.
the studio is open from 10am to 5pm. look for the red arrow visions signs to guide your way.


Jason Witt said...

How did your art tour go? I like those teapots that have a grainlike pattern on them. They remind me of those tables made of tree trunks or stumps so as to not waste the remainder of the tree. Evoking a natural sense.

artfarm said...

the tour went wonderfully well. thank you for your perspective on the nature of the clay work.