Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so this is what has been growin' on lately.
carrots in the shape of teapots have been popping up as the result of margit's intense focus on creating teapots for her show in qualicum.


we have artichokes that will be at the saturday duncan farmers market in the square downtown duncan 9am-3pm. when trimmed they look like green roses!

we grew a seven pound broccoli and continue to have them at both makaria farm market on tuesdays. thats just off the trans canada on bench road south of duncan 4-630 pm.

and check out the sun flowers. definetly a sunny summer!


Jason Witt said...

That carrot teapot is so cute! Is that for real that it actually grew that way? Or is it one of your creations? --Spirituality of Tea

artfarm said...

no chemicals no sprays no illusions ... what you see is what you get at the artfarm. keep the faith. thanks jason.